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Thermoplastic road markings are made from a powder paint, which is heated to high temperatures before being sprayed onto a road or surface. Quick-drying and wear-resistant, thermoplastic markings have multiple benefits that make them useful in a wide range of applications, including car parks and road safety markings. The following article will answer key FAQs, including; what are thermoplastic road markings, what are their benefits, and what can they be used for?


Also called ‘hot melt marking paint,’ thermoplastic paint is a type of solid powder paint that requires pre-heating before application. Once heated in a tank or similar vessel, the paint is applied using specialist marking machines, or can also be applied in the form of tapes or pre-cut shapes.

Thermoplastic paint contains no dangerous volatile solvents, and is mainly comprised of;

  • Synthetic resin for thermoplasticity
  • Pigments for colouring
  • Glass beads for reflectivity
  • Additives to grant additional properties such as resistance to fading.

Thick: Thermoplastic road markings can be applied very thickly, which is an important safety feature, making the road markings able to be used for the formation of rumble strips or to warn of upcoming dangers on the road.

Wear-Resistant: The packing materials in the paint give it high strength and resistance. Durable and hard-wearing, thermoplastic road markings therefore do not fade or degrade easily over time, reducing the need for regular re-applications.

High Visibility: Transparent glass beads are incorporated into thermoplastic paint, giving it a reflective ability that is useful in the dark. The high visibility is vital for road markings where the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists needs to be protected. Due to the pigments mixed into the paint, a range of bold and eye-catching colours are available, perfect for both safety purposes and children’s playgrounds.

Fast- Drying: Quick-drying, thermoplastic paint markings are fit for use within a short time frame, which is an important advantage when being applied for public road use. This means that the surface can be used once again without too much delay or disruption.


The multiple advantages of thermoplastic paints have secured its use in a range of applications, including;

  • Car parks, bus lanes and other high traffic areas
  • Cycle lanes
  • Colourful playground markings
  • Floor logos and graphics
  • Sports court markings These numerous applications and benefits have meant that thermoplastic paints are fast becoming a widely seen feature of many surfaces across the world.

Are you searching for safe and durable thermoplastic road markings? With over 20 years of industry experience, the team at Three Counties Lining can offer this long-lasting option. Using thermoplastic paints and decomark coatings, we can help with a range of jobs, including brightening a dull playground or providing a premier car park. Get in touch today to find out more about any of our services; we serve Luton, Stevenage, Watford, Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

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