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Now that spring is around the corner, treat the kids to brand new playground markings that’ll encourage them to spend more time outside, and animate their creative sides. This article will present to you the benefits schools gain from installing playground markings. Help children to learn even when they’re not in the classrooms, with our extensive selection of colourful creations! Not only will they gain numerous skills, they will also be more inclined to participate in social activity, and make long lasting friendships. Our interactive designs are the ideal addition to any school playground, and the robust thermoplast ensures that your brand new surfacings last for future generations to come!

MATHS This subject is a little like Marmite, children seem to either love it or hate it. However with a little perseverance, they might begin to enjoy maths when they see that it can be fun. Great thing is, children learn in all sorts of ways and having an engaging environment could really be the answer to captivating their interests, particularly maths. If they see their friends joining in, they’re bound to follow suit. Our counting caterpillars, dividing dragons, number grids and ladders might just be what you need to get them interested in everyday sums.

ALPHABET/SPELLING Incorporating learning with play is a great way to get the children involved and motivated. Visual stimulus such as the alphabet caterpillar will be stored subconsciously in their minds, and give them confidence when spelling, reading and writing. These ideal playground games can boost their learning with a few lunch time games. Call out letters and ask them to travel to it, and when they’re confident change to vowels and consonants.

SCIENCE Our educational science-based markings like planets, are incredibly popular. A passion for science could stem from our vibrant thermoplast designs. These visual aids are an easy way to get them to remember the order of the planets, e.g. which are closest to the sun and which are furthest away. A simple understanding of the solar system could get them interested in astronomy too!

BALANCE, COORDINATION AND EXPLORATION If you give children an interactive playground, they will use it without thinking it’s educational; encouraging them to learn on their breaks, day in and day out. Our adventure markings will help them develop their balance, coordination and will train their cognitive functions. Active travel will retain their attention and concentration in order to keep within the lines, support good postural control when jumping from one foot print to another and spacial awareness; when their minds are processing the next stages as they are met with new tasks.

FITNESS School playgrounds already lend themselves to be a place for sports and fitness. So what better way to promote this even further, with added markings that’ll give them the enthusiasm to try out new games. We can provide you with basketball courts, bleep test markings, football pitches, long jump, netball courts, tennis courts and more. These outlines will motivate them to learn a sport and with this will come stronger bones and healthy blood pressures.

GEOGRAPHY A visual representation of North, East, South and West on a smiley compass might be all they need to strike an interest in geography. Even in a modern world of GPS you should still encourage children to learn the basics of a map and compass. This will help them to understand the world and comprehend why the needle always points North. Not only is this good to know, but fun when taking part in outdoor excursions – and could come in handy later on in life.

Here at Three Counties Lining we want to share the success previous schools have witnessed with our playground markings, with only one application! If other schools have benefitted greatly from our work and the markings have served a number of generations – why don’t you see for yourself? Simply get in touch today and we will be more than happy to help provide you with a designs perfectly suited for your school. We work throughout Luton, Stevenage and Watford.

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