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Driving a vehicle is a daily task that many of us have become accustomed to. However, it’s also one that carries a certain element of danger. Although we may not think about it, as motorists, we are constantly relying on signage and road markings to direct us, guide us and advise us. Usually just a quick glance at these pointers is all we need to absorb the appropriate information, but if these signs or markings are unclear, it can be hazardous for motorists and pedestrians alike. In this article we will be exploring the importance of road markings, examining road marking issues on roads, and highlighting the solutions.

WHY ARE ROAD MARKINGS IMPORTANT? Keeping road markings in visible and understandable condition is vital for road safety. They help road users to navigate the road systems, making us aware of upcoming hazards and of key bits of information to help us drive appropriately for the situation. The reliance on these features cannot be exaggerated, and without their clarity, it can cause confusion on the roads. Road markings are especially important at nighttime when, in the dark conditions, we rely on their presence even more so.

Road markings can tell us vital pieces of information, such as:

  • -> Bus and cycle lanes
  • -> Upcoming hazards
  • -> Speed limits
  • -> Single and double yellow lines
  • -> Lines to separate lanes of traffic
  • -> Give way lines
  • -> Instructions for pedestrians e.g. zebra crossings All of the above instructions are often taken for granted, but could have dangerous consequences if they were missing or unreadable.

THE PROBLEM Compared to previous years, the state of road markings has declined in quality and clarity. A study conducted in 2011 by the Road Safety Marking Association revealed the worrying statistics that only 29% of a sample of A-road lines reached the levels of visibility that were deemed acceptable, with a concerning 14% assessed as being ‘completely worn out’. This means that in recent times too many road linings in the UK have fallen below safe standards, which could negatively impact the driving safety of British drivers. Motorists should be aware of these fallen standards whilst on the roads and drive with extra caution.

THE SOLUTION The solution to the problem of fading road markings is a simple one; revitalise road markings, and make them clear and visible once more. This solution is necessary, but also boasts the benefits of being simple and cheap. It is an important task and one that should only be taken on by a specialist road markings company, who will reapply road markings, allowing motorists to navigate the roads in safety and clarity once more. To guarantee the best results, only a respected and trustworthy company should be used to carry out the job; a company like Three Counties Lining.

Here at Three Counties Lining, we offer professional road markings solutions across the Luton, Stevenage, Watford and Aylesbury areas. Our specialists have years of experience relining old markings and laying brand new ones, helping to keep our road systems in good working shape. Want to know more about our comprehensive markings services? Simply get in contact with our friendly team and we will be happy to help.

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